Frequently asked questions

What is sustainable print?

For something to be sustainably made, the materials taken to manufacture the product have to be regenerated time and time again. The earth does not have an endless supply of resources and we all have to take responsibility to ensure these resources do not run out or create an inbalance within the nature. All of the products we make and sell on this website contribute to regenerative projects to ensure we put back more than we take out.

What projects do you support?

The materials we purchase to make our products are carefully monitored. For each sheet of paper we purchase a levvy is calculated. 100% of this amount is donated to the Woodland Trust, to plant trees and donated to Bee Charities to support habitats of bees throughout the UK. Other pollinators also take a much needed benefit from this as well, such as butterflies, moths and ants.

How long does delivery typically take?

If the item is in stock it will be despatched the next working day, if not please allow 3-5 working days for your order to arrive. Bespoke printed orders are 3-5 working days from the sign off of your artwork proof.

Who are Excel Colour Print?

We are the printer that's planting trees and saving bees! "its Just Clever Print" originated as a statement that has developed into a movement. It is the online brand of Excel Colour Print, a family run printing business since 1997. For us it's not about price, of course we need to be competitive, but we are on a mission to provide quality print that's sustainably produced in balance with nature. We hope others copy us and that customers will pay perhaps a little more, for a better product that supports the planet we all live upon.

Why are you doing this?

It's not just the responsibility of Governments and major corporations to heal the planet. Each individual person has a responsibility to make changes. We need to change our consumption and shopping habits, we need not bury our heads in the sand and pretend it's not happening. Where you buy your goods from matters, how its made and what materials are used matters, if the manufacturer your buying from is trying to find a balance with nature and their production matters. We all have choices, we just need to start to make better ones. We will plant more trees and save more bees from the products we make. They may cost a little more, they may take a little longer to make, but they will be worth that little extra! Thats why.