To Be a Laminated Product or Not To Be a Laminated Product

Updated: Feb 12

Now that is the question.

Be Sustainable not just Environmentally Friendly.

There’s a big difference between sustainability and environmentally friendly. Companies can disguise or confuse things as being better for the environment. For example, you could make a product that’s really polluting badly and then invent a new one that’s less bad and call it “more environmentally friendly” and sell that as a benefit.

Here’s an example of one for printing. There are plastic laminates that can take 25-50 years to biodegrade in landfill. There are newer laminates called enviro-friendly or biodegradable ones that can take 10-15 years to biodegrade. The latter being said to be more ecologically better, which based on maths is true when compared to each other. However, is 10-15 years really that great for the environment?

The best thing to do for the environment is not to use a laminate on your printed items.

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